Having a litigation-free land does not automatically guarantee we'll take up your project. There are different ways one can demonstrate ability to repay, depending on your qualifying category. We won't take on or start a project until we are satisfied of the credible clear-cut repayment pathways.

The minimum verifiable net monthly salary or revenue to qualify to use our services is GHS2,000. The actual project size you qualify for depends on a variety of factors.



 Owner-Occupier and Residential Rental / Sales Project (Less than four units) can only be assessed by Salaried Workers (Public/Private Sector). The project size for an owner-occupier residential projects cannot be more than the number of months to retired times 50% of your current net monthly salary.




We expect all commercial project owners to demonstrate clear repayment plan. If you're an existing business more more than 2yrs of operations, we expect you to furnish us with your business bank statement for that last 2 years of your operations, in addition to credible Feasibility Study (which could be part of your business or investment plan).

The kind of project size a