Build Now Pay Later - Ghana (BNPLG) strives to provide clients with architectural, engineering, project management and consultancy services which surpass all quality expectations. To ensure constant improvement, BNPLG established a Quality Management Framework for measuring and enhancing business performance.

To achieve quality goals, BNPLG are committed to:

• Setting measurable strategic, quality and business objectives with regular reviews

• Continually improve the quality of designs, engineering, project management and consultancy

• Complete Employer Satisfaction Surveys to attain employee feedback in order to enhance performance standards

• Monitor, manage, regulate and provide support to contractors and partners

• Establish quality training and development programs to all employees

• Analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation and systems, seeking and implementing improvements

• Management reviews of audit results, customer feedback and complaints


BNPLG aim to practice and promote the highest quality standards and integrate practices seamlessly across all projects.