Build Now Pay Later services offers awesome benefits to different players in the built environment: a combination of best practices for build (or remodeling) your own home or commercial project. It unites all the services needed and a project management system that we’ve perfected, which provides you with benefits full of value:



• You have one partner (Build Now Pay Later Ghana) responsible for every part and every person through the planning, design and construction phases.

• You gain greater quality control at every step and with every choice. Our project manager, an superb communicator, facilitates this for you.

• You and we learn early on the actual costs for your specific project, and therefore, there are no surprises late in the project.

• You are assured that the plans developed are in fact build-able, so you and we can proceed with confidence.

• Costs are controlled

• The project begins on time and ends on time.

• Our team of designers and builder contractors are highly experienced professionals.

• We provide better all around communications, from start to finish. Not all contractors apply the true features of design/build, even though they use the term. We are a leading, world-class design/ build outfit with a track record of success because we do it right.




Repeat and loyal customer partnerships are big for us:

Care Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

Eat Now Pay Later