It is illegal to put up any building in Ghana without a valid building permit (Planning Permission) - The fact that vast majority of buildings do the wrong thing doesn't make it right, and if you expect us to commit fund to start or complete your project, it must as well have a valid permit. We procure building permit for you if we are the ones who provided your architectural drawings.

If you have flouted by having an uncompleted project and you need our help, be prepared to procure a valid building permit with your own funds before contacting us to take over your project to complete it for you.

We are able to litigate on your behalf at no cost to you and get compensated for projects that have a valid building permit but demolished or earmarked for some other state use, but can't do so without a valid permit. We provide free actionable steps you can follow to procure a valid building permit from your overseeing assembly here.