Currently not open to the general public (but will soon be), is a food serving internet enabled customer-facing facilities of The DCANS Group Limited (including its subsidiaries, divisions and units).

These are typically The DCANS Group-owned physical locations (cost-effective and capex strategies) that compliment our hybrid work policy, where useful progressive discussions take place. One doesn't need an appointment to go to any of our advertised physical DCANS Hubs to buy food or drinks, or access the internet (our primary anchor services). However, one needs an appointment to meet in-person at this location for any of the services offered by any of the businesses of TDG Ecosystem.

The DCANS Hubs will additionally serve as the pick & pay and return locations of the following retail platforms of the group:

Reiny's Ghana

PC24 Store Ghana

DCANS Groceries Ghana

DCANS Kitchens Ghana

Adwoa Mart

The Builder's Choice Ghana

Glostar Motors Ghana



Additional Use

Some Hubs will have trading floors for DCANS FX Global, proprietary trading platform of The DCANS Group Limited, and also serves other purposes for (part of the TDG Startup Ecosystem).



Please Note:

No loitering or idle sitting is allowed at any of our soon-to-roll out shared group physical facilities (The DCANS Hub), unless you're buying something at the premises or have an appointment.


The DCANS Hub Locations

• Accra

• Koforidua


The DCANS Hub Physical Office Locator Website





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