Build Now Pay Later Ghana (part of The DCANS Group Limited), is self-funded and does not rely on traditional bank or external financing for development and construction and neither are prospective qualified project owners required to make any upfront fees or payments.

Our construction financing are provided by in-house patient capital sources of The DCANS Group Limited (our parent company), coupled with capital and profit reinvestments enables us to enforce Group wide operational efficiency guidelines, and not to be clogged by inefficiencies that come with external financing (incl upfront fees or down-payment)

All our funding partners comply with all local and international Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (Incl Tax Compliance, Transfer Pricing, etc). Some of our patient capital providers, including a full-compliant globally-focussed and other sister companies & specialised units, divisions and affiliates of The DCANS Group).





All the funding partners above are sister companies of DCANS Developments Ghana (intra-group lending channels). None of our funding partners has any retail deposits or investments component.