Build it through our BUILD NOW PAY LATER All-in-One service. This is tailor-fitted to land (or uncompleted building) owners wanting to build or complete their house or commercial property today but lack the resources to do so.

We develop and/or construct your project for you with our own funds in record time, typically less than  3months for most residential projects (mostly less than 2 months) without compromising on quality, and you only pay in one-time payment or instalments up to 30 years.

By virtue of our target user groups, you're expected to be able to read, speak, write and understand basic english to follow simple user instructions, or seek independent financial and/or legal advice from a qualified professional before using our services - If you can't do either, then you can't use our services.

This service is targeted at persons or entities with verifiable regular net monthly income above GHS2,000, with litigation-free land (or capacity to provide minimum of 50% of their prospective land purchase via our Land Purchase Assistance Programme, if you don't have land).


How our Build Now Pay Later services have been broken down into relevant headings below....





It is MANDATORY to comply with all our required Pre-Construction Checks but NOT COMPUSLORY to pay us to do those searches or get those reports for you as you can do them yourself

In fact you can hand over your fully-qualified land or uncompleted project to us and get a fully completed move-in ready project to you in less than 3 months (after procuring a valid building permit) without paying a dime to us !!





There's no requirement for you to make any down-payment or periodic payment as the project progresses, as you may have it with other providers. We use our own funds to start and/or complete your approved project for you tied to pre-agreed repayment plans: one-time payment after delivery or instalment payment up to 30yrs for salaried workers (public or private sector) and registered business owners (or self-employed), but up to 10yrs repayment period for all commercial projects.





Without you owning land, free and clear (unencumbered), you cannot use this service.

If you have already bought your land and do not have the funds to construct and/or develop the property, you apply to us, and your application is almost always guaranteed so long as the land with the property to be constructed on is without any encumbrances and adequate as a collateral, together with the yet to be constructed property. In order words, this is like design & build plus financing in-situ.

The land for which the project is to be constructed on MUST be in the personal name(s) of the applicant or a registered business or company the applicant is a shareholder of and not third-parties.

The only acceptable Proof of Land Owner is a Registered Land Title Certificate or Indenture/ Deed and NOT receipts of your payment for the land.

Please don't apply or contact us if you don't have land in your own name(s).


See Full Eligibility Requirements.





We only start or take over a project to completion, and not stop mid-way, as it's expensive to start-stop-start and stop projects. Our fast-paced delivery timelines does not compromise on quality delivery as all our projects come with New Build Warranty. We always allocate enough funds to complete projects - we won't start if we can't complete it.





No additional collateral required for this Development & Construction On Credit Service - Your land and yet-to-be constructed building will serve as the collateral. If customers refuse to honour their loan obligations, the property will be sold to offset outstanding loan balance, but not without exhausting our Repayment Assistance Programme already in place.

Please take note that, if you do not keep up with repayment agreements or avail of the provisions of our repayment assistance programmes, we will sell of your completed project to recoup our investments.





Create a list that identifies and prioritizes every piece of the project, from the size of the floor drain in the garage to the shape and style of the shingles on the roof, giving us a framework we can use to keep the borrower and project in line.

Once done, we review all of the specifications, considers the value of the land, the finished product and similar projects in the neighborhood to make an estimated appraised value. This is the initial amount from which we calculate the Loan-to-Value (LTV).




We have options for both Residential and Commercial Projects.





Once, you signup after meeting the requirements, we deliver the above options via well thought plan and/or processes to achieve our seamless, quick and prompt delivery.





You may opt to pay your amortization up to 20-30 years maximum for the lender. Our partner lenders have flexible payment terms that you can choose from. Most of our clients opt for a longer payment period and then accelerate it by paying more whenever they have extra cash. You may note that there are no early repayment charges and in most cases, you get a rebate for your advance payments.





This would depend on the cost of the home or commercial property you want to build. Prices will differ based on these basic factors – total size of your home or commercial property, preferred materials to be used, complexity of the design, terrain profile, etc etc.





You will start an equal monthly amortization for the payment terms you choose after the house is fully completed. For example, if the construction period is 10 months, your first payment will start on the 11th month from groundbreaking date.





Customers are entitled to bring their own designs, but if you need samples -- yes we have. We have a wide array of residential and commercial architectural designs for you to choose from. We will also accommodate a build to order project with specific tailor-fitted designs. Just tell us what you have in mind or what are your building requirements and our team of architects and engineers will translate this into a visual representation.





Permit to build have expiration dates. If you've already started building your structure then, date of expiration automatically does not apply, but applies if you're yet to start your construction but possesses a building permit, then you have to submit it to us to validate it - either to go ahead with it if still valid or we can re-apply on your behalf before actual construction can begin.

If you have an uncompleted building without a valid building permit, you're required to procure a valid building permit before applying to us or contacting us - We DON'T touch uncompleted buildings without a valid building permit.

We procure building permits for projects that have not started at all, as part of total service cost.





After we have received your complete application with all supporting documents, we will visit your site within 7-60 days to complete an initial appraisal, after which a report will be generated. If our report is accepted with/without any amendments we move to site within 7-30 days to start work.

It typically takes a maximum of 90 days (mostly less than 60 days) for residential projects to be completed without compromising on quality.





You're expected to demonstrate regular monthly income above GHS2,000 before being approved to use services. No application will be approved without a credit repayment plan.

In the event of hitting hard times, into repayment of your indebtedness to us, we have a variety of options via our Repayment Assistance Programme.





By virtue of our target user groups, we expect you to be able to read, write, speak and understand basic english to follow basic, simple online application form completion. However, you're always advised to seek independent financial and/or legal advice from a qualified professional before proceeding to use our services.

The only way to apply to use our services is via our simple online form and not through any other platform or person. Someone can assist you to complete and submit your application, however, we will only deal with direct project owners and not third-parties.





There is currently no requirement for you to switch your current Ghana Salary or Business bank account to another regulated bank in Ghana before you can use our services.

However, at any time any of the The DCANS Group Limited's subsidiaries or affiliates gets a universal banking license approval from the Bank of Ghana, or discloses substantial equity holdings in existing local banks, you'll be required to switch your salary or business bank account to a related player. Total outstanding amount automatically become due if you refuse to switch your bank account.





Complete a short form here to enable us proceed from there. Kindly take note that this straight-forward NO UPFRONT FEE ZERO DOWN-PAYMENT DOES NOT make room for talkshop, useless in-person pre-application meeting. We only dedicate our resources (in-person in-office meetings) to qualified applicants who complete our mandatory preconstruction checks.





If your project is approved, we'll furnish you with a valid contract, to read through or seek independent financial and/or legal advice before signing, BEFORE we can start work on your project.

We have all the time to progressively discuss your project before we start. Nothing will be forced on you.





Cost Estimations

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