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Build Now Pay Later

The information provided on this website are completely free to access (albeit copyrighted), but certain services that you may contract us to provide you beyond what this website freely provides attracts fees. These paid services may include construction estimation, appraisals/valuations, 3d rendering, architectural drawings, construction drawings, build permit assistance, title search, site visits, etc.

Fees may only be deferred for existing customers of any of the following onboarding partners:,

DCANS Properties,

Rent Now Pay Later,

Rent to Buy Ghana,

Sikamaster Loans


If you're an existing customer of any of our onboarding partners above, you can request your Build Now Pay Later login from them free-of-charge from your client area (which requires login). This arrangement is meant to rid our operations off time-wasters that affect our operational efficiency.


Fees Table

Fees may cover part or all some of our initial services (3D Rendering, Appraisals, Estimations, Site Visits, etc).

Fee Type / Description
 Onboarding / Signup
 Onboarding / Signup
3D Rendering
Site Visit(s)
Construction Cost Estimation
 Architectural Drawings
 Land Title Search
Collateral Search (BoG Collateral System)
Other Searches (Gealogical Survey, etc)
 GHs500 (Residential)
 GHs2,000 (Commercial / Business)
Free (Included in Signup)
Free (Included in Signup)
Free (Included in Signup)
 Starts from GHs2,000
 Free (Included in Signup)
Free (Included in Signup)
Free (Included in Signup)

Note: If you're accessing a service for more than one residential project, it will be taken as commercial / business.