Without you owning land, free and clear (unencumbered), you cannot use this service.

If you have already bought your land and do not have the funds to construct and/or develop the property, you apply to us, and your application is almost always guaranteed so long as the land with the property to be constructed on is without any encumbrances and adequate as a collateral, together with the yet to be constructed property. In order words, this is like design & build plus financing in-situ.


There are eligibility requirements for the Build Now Pay Later Program and all applications are subject to management’s approval.

Biggest qualifiers are below:

1. Those with existing Lot registered under their names or immediate family.

2. Those with fully paid Lots but pending transfer of Land Title.

3.Those with stable income and eligible for Financing.


Additional Documentation required:

- Proof of ownership of land

- Valid Build Permit

- Proof of Employment

- Tax Return / Tax Clearance Certificate

- Proof of Identification (Any of the following Government-issued photo ID: Passport, Voter's, Ghana card). NHIS + Birth Certificate but NHIS alone.

- TIN Number / Certificate

- Business Plan for commercial projects, outlining how their revenue model will be adequate to repay the cost of construction and/or development.