It is important to note that, you're not required to make any upfront payment so long as you choose to do and submit all the applicable pre-construction searches, verifications and validations and submit them to us. However, if you want us to assist you do the mandatory pre-construction searches, upfront fees are applicable, and you can use any of the following methods to safely effect payments.


i. DCANS Loyalty Points

If you're an existing customer of any of the businesses of the TDG Ecosystem, you automatically accumulate points via groupwide platform DCANS Loyalty Programme.


ii. Pay Later

If you don't have any (or enough) loyalty points, but an existing user of the TDG Ecosystem, we can carry out all these searches at no upfront fees on your behalf, with payment at a later date.


iii. Mobile Money Payment

We accept all mobile money payments via the group's payment platform DCANS Pay, using the following dedicated mobile money accounts registered in the names of the group Founder and/or the parent company's name (for safety and traceability purposes):

0244 - 189 - 193

0244 - 189 - 817

0244 - 189 - 402

Name on Mobile Money Accounts: Isaac Kenneth Osei / The DCANS Group Limited

 It's important to note that process have already started to update the name on our mobile money payment account to be The DCANS Group Limited, but the name on account that will show on your mobile money statement will still be Isaac Kenneth Osei (as currently the case across all mobile money platforms).

Processes will only start after we have received applicable fees. 


iv. Bank Transfer

You can make payment using the GHIPSS Proxy Pay ID: DCANSPay


v. Perfect Money

You can send the dollar equivalent of the applicable payment via the global payment platform Perfect Money, to our verified account:

Name on account: DCANS Capital Limited

Account Number: U3111346


Trust Score above 197

DCANS Capital Limited is a globally-focussed UK-registered corporate sibling of Build Now Pay Later Ghana, and part of The DCANS Group Limited.



vi. Additional Payment Methods

Bank account number are provided (in the login area) for the pre-agreed repayment after delivering and handover of projects.


vii. In-Person Digital Payments (Coming Soon)

In line with our cashless policy, all in-person in-office payments can only be made via any of the digital payments above and not physical cash. This option will become available when the group's one-stop physical offices (The DCANS Hub) re-open before the year ends.





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