Small Commercial Residential Projects are construction to serve as rental accommodation for the applicant. To use this rental home financing and construction service under this option, you need to already own litigation-free land. This is for 1-4 rental units. It's considered as a commercial residential project if it's more than 4 units.


Differences between Investment Residential Projects and Commercial Residential Projects:

Completed Project Use
Typical Units 
 Repayment Period
 Typical Interest Rates
Minimum Monthly Repayment
Small Landlords
 Can be rented out or sold*
 1- 4
 3 - 60 months
 12 - 20 % p.a.
GHS 2,000
Portfolio Landlords or Real Estate Companies
Can be rented out or sold*
 Above 4
 6 - 120 months
 12 - 20 % p.a.
GHS 5,000


*If property is sold, outstanding loans automatically become due (Due-on-sale provision).


Features / Benefits

• Typically for new construction or completion of rental units

• Repayment Period: Up to 5 yrs**

• Minimum Monthly Repayment Amount: GHS2,000



• Applicant must between age 21 and 55 years old.

• Minimum Net Monthly Revenue is GHS3,000

• Applicant must already own land, free and clear of any litigation, and this must should not have been used as collateral for any loan whatsoever. For this reason, Search Fees are required upfront before we can process your application after signup.

20% discount applies on fees for all existing customers of, as well as existing customers of our Partners and/or The TDG Ecosystem.


** Maximum period we hold loans on our books is 5 yrs, however there are plans already in place to sell your loan to BoG-regulated banks at any time we deem it fit without varying the terms of this loan contract to borrower's disadvantage.


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