Strictly targeted at Private Schools in our covered regions of Ghana, and not public schools (Note: We don't do projects for schools owned by the Ghana Government).



We do all manner of school projects, from creche to university level: classrooms, kitchens, dormitories, halls of residence, lecture halls, sports and entertainment facilities, laboratories, etc.



Offers varied benefits to the project owner:


• No Upfront Down Payment

We pre-finance your project and you're only required to start repayment after completion and/or handover. And you can choose to pay us in one bullet payment or by monthly installments not exceeding 10yrs (as applicable to all commercial projects). No huge capital outlay from you - you just need to complete our mandatory preconstruction checks and we're good to go.


• International Experience

Dedicated teams work on hotel and leisure projects of all types. Their experience includes classroom design, ICT and Science Labs planning for teaching. Our building services engineers have experience working with private developers for bespoke projects internationally. The overriding consideration is to deliver the completed product that the client wants, fulfilling economic, social and environmental expectations.


• Global Skills and Diversity of Services

 As a diversified firm, Build Now Pay Later (BNPL) Ghana has the skills and capability to cover all areas of hotel and leisure design.

BNPL’s project specialists have developed an engineering approach that optimises capital, construction and operational costs. Bringing the appropriate expertise to each project, they consider all the client and project requirements including capital cost, speed of construction, flexibility, sustainability, low-energy building design and incorporation of future-proofing features.

The teams work closely with developers, operators, architects, interior designers and catering consultants to provide a holistic engineering approach at all stages, from site selection through design, procurement and construction, to operation, maintenance and renovations.


• General Platform Benefits

All the benefits that comes with this platform.




- Possession of litigation-free land in your own personal name or that of a registered business.

- Feasibility Study: This is optional if you're already operating a hotel on the same premises. One can also provide Personal Guarantee in place of feasibility study, so long as the project owner has a credible regular monthly income that can make pre-agreed monthly repayments for his/her commercial project.




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