You may initiate and complete the following mandatory checks yourself with results coming directly to us, without having to make any upfront fee to us to carry such required searches on your behalf:

- Land Title or Deed/Indenture Search

- Court Registry Search (Non/Litigation Status)

- BoG Collateral Registry Search

- Ghana Police Property Fraud Unit

- Metropolitan / Municipal Search (Building Permit)

- Geological Report (Earthquake)

- Meteorological Report (Flood)


Note that, we have already explained the reasons why we carry out the above checks on our Mandatory Preconstruction Checks page. The information below is to provide you general guidance as to how to carry out the required searches yourself, before we can proceed.



Land Searches

You can do Complete Land Search from the Lands Commission in-person or via their digital platform 

Must be less than 30 days old before you can submit them to us to be accepted.


Court Searches

You may start from the High Court overseeing the location of your said land. In some cases you may have to go to higher courts.


Bank of Ghana (BoG) Collateral Registry

You're expected to register your land or uncompleted building with the BoG Collateral Registry, and provide us with a copy of the certificate you are issued, as part of our requirements before we can proceed.

You're expected to purchase and furnish us with the Search Code via the platform.


Ghana Police Property Fraud Unit

You're to procure a search result or cover letter from the Ghana Police Service, confirming the existent or non-existence of pending or previous issues with the land in question or vendor of the land in question. We'll consider how to proceed on a case-by-case basis depending on the results or outcome of this.


Metropolitan / Municipal Searches/Checks

If you're building from scratch, you would typically don't have anything to do with your district assembly, as procuring building permit for your project is included in our offer for such projects.

However, if you have an uncompleted project, you would need to procure a valid building permit for your project before you can use our services.


Geological Report (Earthquake)

You need to procure Geological Report from the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA). Groundwater, environment, geo-hazards and land use planning.

If we are going to put our capital in the ground, we need to know how to fortify it (where applicable) in line with our built-in New Build Warranty.


Meteorological (Flood Prone Status)

Aside using the existing vegetation on your land to make somewhat qualitative assessment, we would need quantitative report to enable us put up a fit-for-purpose structure with accompanying drainage systems to withstand the test of time, beyond your repayment period.

You may need to procure this report from multiple statutory bodies: Ghana Meteorological Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, National Disaster Management Organisation.





Think carefully before perpetuating fraud on us, because nothing goes unchecked or unverified.



Preferably the state body responsible for such searches and/or reports should send it directly to us via any of the following options:



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Kindly address the recipient of all searches, verifications and validations to us at:


Accra Address:

Build Now Pay Later Ghana, The DCANS Group Limited (Ghana Office), P.O. Box AN 19969, Accra-North. Ghana


Koforidua Address:

Build Now Pay Later Ghana, The DCANS Group Limited (Ghana Office), P.O. Box KF 582, Koforidua. Ghana



+44 845 874 1536

This is a centralised fax number of The DCANS Group Limited (corporate parent) , hence please remember to mark your document(s) as 'BNPL Ghana'.