The DCANS Group Limited's way of remaining a profitable business all year round, irrespective of global economic conditions can be summed up in just four(4) words – 'More Action, Less Talk', but expatiated on several fronts below:


• Modernised 'Keiretsu' Model

The DCANS Group (TDG) Limited (parent) is modelled as a modernised keiretsu model - 'German Machine With A Japanese Brain'. TDG is an interconnected corporate structure dual-headquartered in Ghana and the UK, made of different business units: manufacturers, supply chains, distribution networks, finance providers, finance firms, etc. All working together, have close relationships, and sometimes take small equity stakes in each other, all the while remaining operationally independent.

TDG is made up both horizontal and vertical keiretsu integrated models.


• Differentiated Business Model(s)

Our unique business and/or operating models is a departure from antiquated legacy models.


• The TDG Ecosystem

TDG and its subsidiaries and/or affiliates benefits from the trust, collaboration, and support that are hallmarks of the keiretsu system: Its relationships are more open, international, and cost-efficient than ever before, keeping costumer cost acquisition to the barest minimum without comprising on growth and/or profits (cost reduction strategies).

Leveraging each TDG company or business expertise to become stronger and better; information shared among customers, suppliers, and employees within the keiretsu leads to increased efficiency. As a result of this information-sharing, investment decisions can be made faster, and suppliers, employees, and customers know the purposes and goals of those investments.


• Digital First Customer Onboarding

Our Online-to-Offline seamless onboarding of new customers enables us to focus on what really matters in our line of business and not to waste resources on mere talk, talkshops and other hopelessly outdated business practices.


• Targeted Products & Services

TDG, its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates does not provide mass-market products and services. All resources are allocated to qualified prospective customers via our filtering onboading processes. Not all new enquires are worth the pursuit based on preset customer-business fit protocols.


• Self-Sufficiency & Self-Sustainability

No one forest can make a forest, but we operate a self-reliant business model, in partnership with loyal customer relations.


• Social Media Strategies

Conversion Over Likes. Of what use to have over 100k social media likes or followers but less than 10 have actually bought from you? We use social media advertising and marketing campaigns to compliment our own in-house marketing platform that guarantees conversion at an extremely lower costs, and not reliant on ever-changing social media algorithms.


• In-House Advertising & Marketing Platform

TDG employs strategic to perpetuate its Lifelong Customer Strategies.


• In-House Legal & Accounting Platform

Handling all legal and accounting processes internally saves cost aside fostering agility and business continuity.


• In-House Cybersecurity Platform

Global adoption of digital platforms comes with risks, and our internal screeners are formidable to protect our business, customers and profits.


• TDG Master Dashboard

Ability to see in real-time, how The TDG Keiretsu operates on a daily basic via generic and proprietary platforms enables the group to solve problems in a timely manner




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