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Before you apply, you're advised to review relevant sections of this website to enable you complete the form below:

- How it works

Eligibility Criteria

- Straightforward Process

- Mandatory Preconstruction Checks


You're expected to have your Land Details and Proof of Permanent Employment and/or Regular Verifiable Net Monthly above GHS2,000 such as most recent Payslip (if you're a Salaried Worker) or Most recent Financial Statement (if you're a registered entity) - specific minimum threshold dependent on project type, remaining active working years, etc) to complete the form below. We don't collect any ID details via the form below, in line with our Privacy Policy - we rather take such details in-person when submitting the Construction Contract.

If you don't have a qualified land and will want us to assist you procure one, kindly see here.

If we're not provided with supporting documentation for all Incomplete Applications within One day (24 hours) of submitting your application, the system will automatically delete it, and you can re-apply any time you're serious and ready with the required supporting documentation. No re-apply opportunity will be provided beyond the 2nd failed attempt without providing us with the relevant supporting documents (deliberate policy to rid our platform off talkshop or mere talkers).


PLEASE DON'T APPLY (OR CONTACT US) IF YOU DON'T QUALIFY OR MEET OUR MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. You will automatically get a copy of your completed form when you click submit (so please make sure to enter your correct email address). Free login details will be provided you after you complete our Mandatory Preconstruction Checks.







It's not a problem if you don't have your own architectural drawings, as we can provide you with sample designs for approval before getting it approved for building permit.

E. MANDATORY PRE-CONSTRUCTION CHECKS: It's important you review the mandatory preconstruction checks. You're free to choose whichever option to proceed, so long as you act with a matter of urgency (less than 72hrs of applying), to avoid deletion of your submission in line with our data privacy policies.