Building from scratch offers you many advantages as against asking us to continue your uncompleted project for you (by virtue of the fact that you may not even have a valid building permit).

This option simplifies the development and construction process, because of the clean slate offered us.


What's included:

- Architectural Drawings

- Structural Drawings (where applicable)

- Building Permit Procurement



It is illegal (even us mostly done) to start any building project without a valid permit from your local assembly. Some people even go to the extent of building without any building plans (architectural and/or structural drawings).

If you have an uncompleted project and want us to take over to complete, you're required to have a valid building permit and drawings in place before we can touch your project - it's not compulsory to get those pre-construction requirements done via us, but if you us to do that for you, you'll be charged upfront separately from the project itself.





Uncompleted Projects

Land Purchase Assistance

Paid Searches

Paid Building Permits

Paid Drawings